There are always things you forget to pack for your summer vacation or put off until the last minute. Make sure that your medical needs aren’t the last thing on your packing list!

A suitcase full of medications might seem like a waste of space, after all, every country has pharmacies. However, what you do not know is what the drug costs will be at your destination. A trip to the local pharmacy or doctor’s appointment might be unnecessary and costly. It is also possible that you have an emergency and will not be able to get to the pharmacy in time. Additionally, some medications require a prescription. Even staple medications need prescriptions in some countries; some countries may not sell the same medicines over the counter. Moreover, if you take compounded medication, there is a high chance you may not find your medication at your destination.

It is very important to ensure you have enough medications on hand if you take prescription medications regularly. Take at least four days’ worth of extra dosage with you. The return trip may be delayed, or you may drop a tablet and not be able to find it. The original packaging should include dosage instructions. Additionally, it’s a good idea to pack medication (pills) in your hand luggage in case your suitcase gets lost. Keep a refill prescription with you just in case.

Ensure your doctor includes the generic name as well, as some medications may have different names in other countries. Keep a copy with your passport and another in your bag. As a result, if something should happen, you’ll be able to refill while you’re away without too much trouble or expense.

Packing medication includes a first aid kit, especially if you are travelling with children. Among the items to include are plasters, antiseptic lotion or cream, sterile wipes, bandages, and other items needed for minor injuries.

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