Blister packaging is a standard medication method that offers many benefits for both patients and healthcare providers. It involves placing individual doses of medication into a blister, which is then sealed inside a plastic or foil backing. This type of packaging is designed to make it easier to keep track of medications, ensuring that patients take the correct dose at the right time.


Blister packaging helps you get the peace of mind knowing your each day’s medication is separated & labeled.


Blister packs can slip in just about anywhere as you travel or just simply stay at home. No more bulky pill bottles that take up valuable space.


Blister seal prevents oxygen and moisture from entering the medication container, you will be taking fresh medication every day!

The easiest, most efficient, and economical way to administer the right medication at the right time.
Blister packs for medication are cards that contain doses of medication within small bubbles (or blisters) of plastic that are clear or coloured. A paper-backed foil protects the pills until they are dispensed from the pack, which is secured by a strong seal. In order to take a dose of medication, caregivers and patients simply push a blister of pills through the backing.

Safety, convenience, and freshness are the three words that summarize the advantages. Blister packs provide the right dosage at the right time. They are easy to store and carry and keep the freshness of your medicine for longer period of time.

Blister packs can be arranged by both the time of day and day of the week, such as morning, noon, and evening.

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