High-quality protein, low carbs, fat and sugar


High-quality protein, low calorie, fat and sugar


Tasty, easy to prepare and convenient


Savory or sweet, hot or cold, crunchy or smooth


Over 60 delicious

Most people don’t know what causes them to gain weight…even the people who think they’re eating healthy. Therefore, the first step to combating weight problems and obesity is understanding what causes weight gain in the first place. Step two is applying that knowledge in such a way that you drop your excess pounds learn how to maintain a stable weight after dieting! Because anyone can lose weight, the true measure of weight loss success is learning how to maintain a stable weight after dieting has ended.

Ideal Protein is a medically developed dieting protocol that can teach you how to maintain a stable weight after dieting.

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    Men lose on average 3.5 lbs per week
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    Women lose on average 2.5 lbs per week

Getting Into Ketosis

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Scientifically Complete

Nutritionally complete and biochemically safe for long-term

  • Spares muscle loss and vitality by supplying an adequate amount of protein
  • Resets the body to burn fat as first fuel source creating twice the amount of energy
  • Replaces vitamins and minerals you miss from certain foods with temporary supplementation
  • Renews relationship between the hormones Insulin and Glucagon, important because Insulin actually has two roles in the body

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