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Some of Our Compounding Services

We are a Full-service Community Pharmacy with a Specialty which is Compounding.

Below is a list (not limited to) of the compounding services we offer.

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What kinds of prescriptions can be compounded?

person-holding-laboratory-flask-2280571 (1)

Almost any kind. Compounded prescriptions are ideal for any patient requiring unique dosages and/or delivery devices, which can take the form of solutions, suppositories, sprays, oral rinses, lollipops and even as transdermal sticks. Compounding applications can include: Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, Veterinary, Hospice, Pediatric, Ophthalmic, Dental, Otic (for the ear), Dermatology, Medication Flavoring, Chronic Pain Management, Neuropathies, Sports Medicine, Infertility, Wound Therapy, Podiatry and Gastroenterology.

Is compounding legal? Is it safe?

Compounding has been part of healthcare since the origins of pharmacy, and is widely used today in all areas of the industry, from hospitals to nuclear medicine. Over the last decade, compounding’s resurgence has largely benefited from advances in technology, quality control and research methodology. Health Canada has stated that compounded prescriptions are both ethical and legal as long as they are prescribed by a licensed practitioner for a specific patient and compounded by a licensed pharmacy. In addition, compounding is regulated by the Ontario College of Pharmacists.

Are doctors aware of compounding?

For the most part, yes. Prescription compounding is a rapidly growing component of many physicians’ practices. But in today’s world of aggressive marketing by drug manufacturers, some may not realize the extent of compounding’s resurgence in recent years. Ask your physician about compounding. Then get in touch with a compounding pharmacy – one that is committed to providing high-quality compounded medications in the dosage form and strength prescribed by the physician.

Do you also fill regular prescriptions?

Of course we do! We fill all regular prescriptions and bill directly to your insurance too!

I don't live in Toronto, can I still use Sanomed Pharmacy?

Absolutely! We serve as the pharmacy of choice for many people – including people who always require delivery. We communicate with them via phone, email, or even social media (excluding personal health information)! Just reach out to us and we take care of the rest!

Testimonials & Clients

We, would like to thank Sanomed Pharmacy, Bay & Wellesley, for their diligent work towards all their patients. Pooya & Nikki are extremely kind & compassionate pharmacists. They are helpful; courteous and so friendly; I always feel like I am talking to my brother; sister when I am dealing with them. It will be wrong if I do not mention that their tolerance is like a rock. I love them like my family. God bless them. I will always get my medication from here.

Rupa Banerjee

I have been with this Pharmacy since the beginning and appreciate everything they have done for me. Puya and Nikki are very caring and just easy people to deal with. I drive from Brampton all the way to downtown Toronto because of them. Your treated as a friend and not only a customer. It’s also attached to a walk in clinic with a family doctor as well. I couldn’t write enough to say how good these people are.

Thomas Beach

Great experience with the doctor at the walking clinic and the pharmacy!

Karen Ramos

Amazing pharmacy with attached clinic featuring many professionals. Pooyan is exceptional…patient, knowledgeable and takes his time. Highly recommend, great location

SCity Groloko

Friendly staff, very helpful

bahar najafi

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