Blister packaging is the most effective way to safely and securely house a single dosage of medication. It’s a container usually made of plastic, wood, paperboard, or aluminium foil and sometimes includes one or more form-fitted compartments. The medicine is packed in a thin, circular pocket formed from two pieces of plastic film, which forms a sealed compartment around the medication pill or tablet.

Blister packs are very easy to carry and use. They are also tamper-resistant and childproof, which makes them the go-to packaging choice for pharmaceutical companies and pharmacists worldwide. Depending on what medication is inside, blister packs may contain a range of different reagents and deactivators (e.g., humidity absorbers or desiccant) to ensure that their contents remain safe and effective for a longer period of time.

Blister packaging is used on some over-the-counter and prescription drugs. However, compounded or most prescription medications don’t come in blister packaging. Because of the usefulness of blister packs, people tend to order custom-made blister packaging for their medication.

Custom-made blister packaging can be ordered through your pharmacist if they offer this service. Most companies that create custom-made blister packaging in Toronto are not associated with hospitals or healthcare organisations. However, SanoMed Medical Clinic in Toronto offers custom-made blister packaging through their compounding pharmacy, SanoMed Pharmacy. We excel in all types of compounding medication, and we are one of the best-rated pharmacists in Toronto. Book an appointment with our pharmacist to learn more: